Top 15 daily tasks to be done on YouTube Channel to improve subscribers

Making channels on YouTube and grows to them. After getting success and build a career on them. It’s not an easy task for anyone but it is not impossible to do that. If you view of my content & not only from looking. However, those fifteen steps I am going to learn you and followed them or make a channel today then you will get success precisely. If let’s talk about YouTube then the miscellaneous channels become super hit by fortunate. Somebody says that their fortunes are along with them. Maybe that but a few of the channels that become super hit luck by chance option. And rest of the channels becomes popular or super hit by their minds and smart laborers. All too all strategies I am going to put over here. The second talk is that the main motto is to give content like this some people say that I am not doing right or wrong in process of making channels. If you see content like this never before you shall need to see any other articles. If you shall follow these steps your channels will become perfect, grow and get success also. And you shall earn capital more.

Here are some fifteen tips and tricks to improve subscriber on YouTube channel:

  • Select a perfect niche: first of all, you need to select your own niche in which you are going to work. If you making your channel in that what shall you provide to them? You shall provide news, blogging, cooking lessons, technical videos, or unboxing of things. Anything but you shall select your niche first. Never do a query like this on which niche I make YouTube channel.  In every niche, you can grow your channels if you have your own interests.
  •  Customize your channel:  You do to customize your channel that what you write in about channel, uploading, or channel keywords. Customizing the full channel is very necessary. Attach a good logo, an ideal banner, and give a unique name. Every people does what that gives their copies name from this their own identity not creates. Therefore, customize your channel ideally.
  • Upload your first video: In this step, you shall take on one video or you shall make a hundred videos on a channel. For any videos, you are making so, before you need to do scripting first. If your memory is good, you are good at speaking then you write points in your mind otherwise you can write on notebooks or anywhere you can write. Scripting is very necessary. In scripting, first will be intro in that you shall inform to users what you shall provide then comes body in that you give knowledge to them. And last will be outer. This is your script it should be going point to point. If you shall do in points then people will look completely.
  • SEO-friendly keywords: You do to find SEO-friendly keywords in that what keywords you use to grow these videos and for doing SEO because SEO is very essential. You do to find keywords on these keywords you do forward your videos. As do search keywords for blogs as similar you need to search keywords for YouTube videos.
  •   Choose a title: First of all, how to give the title of a video. You do not keep in mind that somebody is doing like this and that, if I will do like this, they had done like this and went grow. Not to give concentrate on this. I am even talking over that they have just started then you never compare that they have 1 million subscribers on channels and written anything on channels like I am sorry, upload a video then they are got lakhs of views. They have already an audience but you have not. You need to apply long-tail keywords instead of short-tail like how to make money online by phone.
  • Optimize video description: of any videos, you write descriptions in optimized manner. Use your keywords or title in a video. After this, describe what things discuss in your video then you have playlists links or related to other videos so, drop those links in the description or social media links also. If you talk about affiliate links then you can drop in the second line. Below the description, you can attach hashtags because it is very necessary.
  • Correctly use metadata in texts: You are given five hundred words for texts then use correct metadata. Sometimes what happens is that people think they shall steal other data then it will become viral. Not something like this, you are made any video. Before you were thought that from this keyword you grow your video or send in search then that keywords-related tags will be drop-in your tag box.
  •   Make a thumbnail: Thumbnail is most important for videos. If talk about thumbnail. You can do less clickbait on it. It is necessary. Clickbait or misleading. There is a difference between the two. Suppose, you are learning about how to make money from YouTube and you shall stand to take money on hand. This is clickbait because you are talking in the video as similar you are doing. If you do a little clickbait then your video becomes grow. If you do mislead then sometimes it may happens, in short term, you get more views but in long term, your channel may be damage or a problem can be created. You can lose trust over the audience
  •  Add value in the video: if you make a comedy video, do entertain people or learns something, give knowledge and tech people, learn cooking. In your video, values should be added to yours. If you add values in your videos so, there are two benefits, one is your channel will not be stuck in the reuse content problem, or second, and you add real values. So, you want to entertain and you shall be doing really then your engagement is made with the people. You want to give knowledge, people getting, you want to learn, people learning, people read. The conclusion is that values should be added necessary. From this, users will come to your channel to see your video.
  •  Make a quality video: What is a quality video. From starting, you have not a DSLR, good lights then it’s doesn’t mean that you can’t make quality videos. In your mobile phone, above the 13-megapixel camera is sufficient from that you can make a video with them but you are talking in a professional way & your audio quality is so good and you not hampering, you are describing on which things, in which you describing throughout. So, that nearby people feel that you are describing true. You are confidently talking to the audience. In starting, few things you keep in remembrance that in a professional way, from good fluency reach your content till the people and keep the audio quality good.
  •  Make episodic content: Suppose, anyone’s videos become viral or more views come over them. So, you should make episode-wise content. This means that you talk about blogs to anyone and your video moves something good. Then ready a full series of blogs on your channel. If you shall make an episode content or series from that your channels will be more valuable or more users will come to see your channel. From this more chances to increase your views.
  •  Call to action:  Must give a call to action in your video. Anything question you ask or tell to you tuber or informs by doing comments. And ask anything in between running video such as how video is feeling to you by doing likes & informs by comments to me or I am making this video and what you want to know, do inform by comments. It means that you speak anything so that users react to your video, or they do likes, dislikes, & comments, or share it. You should have a call to action from this engagement increases more in the video.
  •   Make a playlist of videos: if you want to make a series-wise content then ready a playlist of it. It is very important. Whenever you are making a video. Suppose, you are making a part of first or second blogs then you making a full playlist of it or any other playlists drop I your description then do call to action & speak to people if you learn. So, you will get links to playlists in the description.
  • Do monthly Q&A sessions: You can make Q&A videos. Do ask, you can give your name. Users feel that more answers to questions they are getting. They shall do more comments, ask their own questions. These are two benefits that one is if users will do comment then your engagement will increase more than second, you shall also know from this what topics users want to know or what your viewer wants to see and which different questions in their mind. These things will understand you. After this, you shall be benefits and get the community tabs easily.
  • Use the community tab wisely:  You can take advice to people, you can create polls, and you can drop your photos. All these things to do are very important. From this, you use the community tab in a better way.

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