Best tips and techniques to improve video ranking on YouTube in 2021

Today, in this content. I am going to give you a full learning stack about YouTube SEO (search engine optimization). I will tell you something stuff and about their features. Instead of SEO, I will learn you about keyword search and also from how to do research keywords that increase the rank of our videos, or more chance increases to come in search. So, YouTube does recommend to people, come suggests in video and your oral channel be grow. I am telling those things over here. I am telling through my experiences. Here, I do clear one thing that on YouTube those videos also go viral whose SEO and title are not done properly. By fortune, they go viral but if you upload video from doing correct optimize. So, you get long-term benefits from these. Income revenue become generate more also or videos move till the long-time. First, I understanding actual what SEO is and how it works. I do clear one thing that YouTube is a search engine. It is the world’s second-largest search engine. People come here to search for their problems to solutions. Suppose, someone learns to make money online then they search how to make money online or how to earn money online.

Before, start your channel. First, we knowing about SEO. When you searching for anything stuff or thing. Suppose, you want to know about recipes, books, any other device, or something learning, something read then you search in google otherwise you search video in format. So, you search on YouTube.

Here are some tips and techniques to improve video ranking on YouTube:

  • Channel keyword: First of all, we shall do SEO for one video and drop that video on YouTube channel. First, you should come to do SEO of your channel. So, many such type of channels. They tell about their channel to people that one of my channel is there, you see it.
  • Upload defaults: The second tip that comes here is upload defaults. It is such type of feature in which we shall use any keyword inside, we do use at once. After this, they shall apply automatically step by step in every video.
  • Topic research: After the channel sees, the main point is topic research. How shall you select a topic? Topic selection is most important from which topic you want to make your video. Here, I talk about YouTube. So, mostly three types of videos exist such as educational video in which something education you provide, anything education, you are providing. The Second information is. What means is that you making YouTube updates, somebody tell you certain news. Third one is entertainment. You are doing entertain to people. Anything you are doing like singing, comedy, roasting, or gaming. You are entertaining people.
  • Select video title: When you select a topic. After this, you do select title. Suppose, you have made video on YouTube SEO then you do select title like YouTube SEO complete or how to do SEO of YouTube video? After that, you do select two or three long-tail or short-tail keywords in the notepad along with forward slash.
  • Description: You should write description more ideally. First, go to the description box and select or write video title. after this, if you have any other channels then you can attach that links also then traffic will moved on that. Then describing few things about yourself. Next, you must write three-four line about the video in such a manner from that one keyword is used from the title. Below this, you can add timestamp in that you can inform about in which time you have informed what things. If you do affiliate marketing then you can add these links as my gears. If you have playlists then attach that links also. After this, drop social media links and add not more than fifteen hashtags. Otherwise, you may be facing misleading issues.
  • Tags: Now, I do clear one thing that videos go viral without any tags. In today times, it’s not so much important in SEO. Also again, we should use of that because it helps us at some limits. If you are made video on Vivo mobile then you don’t attach OPPO mobile tags or you are made video on YouTube then don’t attach Facebook tags absolutely. If you do like this it comes under the category of misleading.
  • Thumbnail: Now, The main talk is about thumbnail after description. It is a thumbnail in that many people not makes good. Let’s look, actually how should be thumbnail. One it is be as from that how much more text you write. You don’t write to like this. How much it be possible to write less. If you write less then it suddenly comes in learning. Use always ideal fonts. Ideal fonts is that whose visibility is more. In One-click they understand that what is in the video. Second is to keep care about color combination. You should have keen knowledge about the color combination. If YouTube will send impression to users, they shall click on at a time when your thumbnail will be good.
  • iCard & End screen: You are made previously two or three video. So, attach those videos on icard or above icard button and tell them in video if you should know more knowledge about this video then see icard video. Similarly, at the end screen you attach two videos. From this way, one video on iusers, you shall reach people to other videos. From the right way, you do use icard and end screen.
  • Check analytics: Always you doing check old video analytic. When we don’t care about analytic then next content we make that content we are disable to make. Suppose, you have uploaded one video and how many people seeing like in fifty or hundred people to them then you do check analytic so that you get benefits from it.
  • Consistency: You keep to make consistency. Then, the query comes that what thing is consistency. Suppose, you want to make two videos in a week then make two video, no problem. If you want to make a video daily or monthly then make. Otherwise, I will tell you if your channel is new and want to grow then drop two or three videos in a week. At least one must drop two videos. You work over here as a regular job not as part-time. If the audience comes to your channel then they should want more content. So, It is also a part of SEO in that you keep make consistency.

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