Top 10 Tools for Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an amazing platform in its own right, but if you want to customize your Twitter marketing strategy, you need to do more.

It takes too much to publish certain tweets, retweet, and respond to direct messages to develop their audience in a meaningful way via Twitter. We have used the best Twitter marketing tool that you can use to grow your audience.

All these tools are not alike. Some people help you promote your Twitter account allow to manage as a whole, while others you its contents.

1. Sendible :

Sendible is an all-around social media management tool that allows you to manage various accounts across platforms. Of course, this includes Twitter.

With the Twitter integration, you can schedule tweets, monitor mentions and answer direct messages. You can even access lists.

You’ll manage everything from a centralized dashboard. It includes every stream from each account you integrate. There is a priority inbox that identifies important messages and mentions, and you can also filter streams so only the Twitter display.

The device has the ability to schedule social media posts before the time of the most useful aspects.

One of the most useful aspects of this tool is the ability to schedule social media posts ahead of time.

2. Awario :

Awario is a different type of social media management tool, portrayed as such by others. It focuses on social listening and social monitoring as a whole.

Its primary tool allows you to monitor individual mentions of keywords across multiple social media platforms. This includes Twitter. The feature essentially allows you to monitor your brand mentions on social media as well as any popular topics around your niche.

One of its most powerful features is its ability to achieve its potential.

3. Agorapulse :

Agorapulse is another all around social media management tool. It caters to five major social media platforms including one Twitter.

Its properties are starting from a dashboard, which allows you to manage references and messages with powerful ways to different platforms, especially if you have a whole team who can manage your social media accounts.

The most intriguing of these is an automated system that allows you to organize messages by topics and automatically send messages to certain team members.

You can also monitor mentions of their brands, and software will spot you angry post from customers to reduce the chance of fire before you angry.

5. Quuu Promote :

Quuu Promote is a device that allows you to get your content went shared by those affected to industry.

While you are likely to get the most benefit from Quuu promo for Twitter, you can also share your content on Facebook and LinkedIn.

You have two options – automatic or manual. Automatically is particularly good because they inevitably will take care of the promotional material for you.

Once your content is approved, it will be shared with the audience Quuu. It is full of individuals who have opted out of receiving curated content from the platform.

5. : is a social media management tool, only supports Twitter it particularly focuses on engagement. It uses a simple yet intuitive dashboard that is broken into six main sections.

The first is Inbox, which allows you to manage your mentions in a much more efficient way by marking them as “replied to,” “Reviews” and more. This section also allows you to monitor mentions of your brand.

You can search for tweets based on keywords in the Leads section. In the content section you can retweet and curate for your audience.

6. TweetDeck :

TweetDeck is a Twitter management tool built directly into Twitter. You can access it by downloading your Twitter account or Mac app by navigating to The Windows app is now defunct.

The tool is basically an extension of the Twitter dashboard, allowing you to manage your main account and many additional accounts more efficiently.

The interface is a simple dashboard in which you can add, delete and rearrange yourself. You can schedule Tweets and mentions, messages and monitor individual lists.

7. Social Snap :

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that integrates with more than 30 social media platforms, including Twitter. It helps you grow your audience and social reach by sharing your content and more.

It starts with a social share button that you can place on your site, especially your blog. These buttons come in various styles and can be placed at several locations on your site.

You can encourage them to share your content on Twitter to his followers to click-to-tweeted tool of social Snap.

8. Click to Tweet :

Click to tweet is a simple tool that allows you to create linkable you can use to tweet easily to your contacts. You only need to configure the content you want to share with your followers, including details and links, your links, sit back, and wait.

You’ll have access to data that are clicking on how many people you share the link with the link to the tweet configured you that allow you to view it.

You can use the tool in three ways. In the first two you include your configured tweet and paste the embed code from the tool wherever you want the shareable link to appear.

9. Hashtagify :

Hashtagify is a tool that allows you to view statistics on hashtags to Instagram and Twitter. You can preview the tool by putting a hashtag on the homepage.

This is essentially how this device works. You use a hashtag that you are interested in using, and the tool generates statistics for it. This includes the popularity of hashtags, whether it is trending, related hashtags, top influencers that rank for your specified hashtag, and more.

10. Triberr :

Triberr allows you to increase your social reach and become more influential by connecting you to other influencers. You will do this by joining the “tribes”, which social group filled with other influential people in your niche.

The purpose of these tribes is to share your content with individuals who may or may not have a meaningful level of influence in your niche. You do this by promoting your content to your fellow tribes, who are encouraged to support each other.

You can add a line to several scheduled posts and even can also curated the shared content. Basic Analytics has been included so that you can see see how many clicks a particular post and who have shared your content.