What is Google My business and how can we use it for increasing online sales and website ranking

What is Google my Business and how will it help your business?

What is Google My business

A free online tool called Google My Business seeks to increase local businesses’ visibility for pertinent local searches on Google.

Local business owners may manage and enhance their presence on Google Search by using Google My Business. Your company may stand out from the competition in your neighbourhood by optimising your listing and page.

The more space you take up online, particularly on Google Search, the more opportunities there are for people to find you and interact with your brand.

When looking for local businesses to use for services, Google Search is where most people begin their customer journeys. It’s crucial to rank well for those services on relevant search terms.

Your results from other internet marketing channels can be improved, and your return on investment can be increased, by using Google My Business.

It’s crucial to incorporate Google My Business into your overall marketing plan, which should also include your website and other advertising platforms.

Although Google My Business is generally aimed at local firms, it can also provide special advantages for other kinds of businesses.

How to use Google My Business for increasing online sales and website ranking

In terms of consumer acquisition, a typical Google My Business listing won’t offer anything. Only if they are aware of your company name will they be able to determine your location and read the evaluations. However, if you have a Google My Business page that is optimized, people may find you through keyword searches, call, visit your website, look at your goods and services, request quotes, make appointments, and more. You can keep track of the websites you visit, appointments you’ve had, profiles you’ve visited, etc.

Let’s understand how Google My Business can help in increasing online sales and website ranking –

Increase your online visibility by improving your position in search results

Google favors companies that are reliable and provide top-notch products or services. By creating a Google My Business account, you are confirming to the search engine that your company is a real one and that the information provided about it is accurate. Your distinctive information makes you stick out from the competition and may aid in your ranking; once you rank higher, your sales will also rise.

Gaining the confidence and credibility of customers

Your listing can become more engaging to viewers and credible to potential consumers by utilizing a variety of Google My Business features. You can upload several picture formats to showcase your actual location, your goods and services, and more. Even publishing an interior Street View to serve as a virtual tour of your company is an alternative. Does improving your Google My Business listing merit the effort? Yes! Virtual tours and images increase interest in listings by two times. Customers are 70% more likely to visit firms with a Google My Business page, and 29% more likely to make a purchase, enhancing your online credibility.

Show customer reviews

Online consumer reviews these days have the power to make or break a company. In actuality, 87% of prospective clients won’t even think about doing business with a company that has poor customer reviews. You may respond to client feedback and reviews on Google My Business in addition to displaying customer ratings, which provides you the chance to remedy issues and show excellent customer service.

Enhance discoverability and visibility

Almost everyone starts their search for your company or items online. Facilitate their ability to achieve that. When someone searches for your business or product online, a Google My Business account makes sure that your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps. When it does, your listing will have all the details consumers need, including a website, a location, contact information, directions, etc.

Keep customers informed fast and easily

Customers may quickly get vital information by looking at your company’s information that is prominently displayed on your Google My Business listing. Along with other useful information like your address, contact information, and hours of operation, Google My Business also gives you the chance to update clients on things like service expansions, temporary closures, and complete reopenings. This is a useful feature because frequent changes can reduce customer uncertainty and foster loyalty.

Be able to be found on local searches

“Restaurant near me” or “Restaurant in…” searches are common. Local listings are shown by Google. Compared to organic search results, the visibility of these local listings has increased. The easiest approach for your business to get found when people are seeking for goods or services in your region is to have accurate information in Google My Business.

Customize your listing for the best results

We’ve talked about using Google My Business to raise your search ranks, enhance traffic, and increase sales, but you can personalize your listing to accomplish even more. Add your company’s phone number so consumers can call you right away. Or, to encourage people to take instant action, think about including buttons like “Share,” “Make a Reservation,” and “Call Now.”

Use Google My Business as a great tool for your business. It is a no-brainer because it is free and only only a few minutes to set up. Are you prepared to enhance your search game? It would be wise to start here.

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