List of Top 9 Local search engines in India and How to use it to improve online sales

What is Local search engines

Search engine optimization for local search results is known as local SEO.

This entails assisting Google in making your company’s listing in the Local Pack/Map Pack rank higher and show up more frequently in response to a higher volume of pertinent queries.

The goal of Google is to provide users with the most relevant results for every search.

These Map Pack results will be prominently shown on the first page of the search results when its algorithms determine that your intent is local — that you are seeking for anything nearby.

Additionally, organic search results for establishments and services in your neighbourhood may supplement them.

Local results may show up as the default view above all organic material when you search for something like “Indian restaurants open now.” Google has detected that you have an immediate, local need.

A plain blue link is less likely to satisfy that demand than the information provided in local search results, which includes company name, address, phone number, website, images and videos, customer reviews and star ratings, among other things.

Top 9 Local search engines in India and How to use it to improve online sales

Top 10 Search Engines in India | Most Popular Indian Web Search Engines


Many small local businesses use online directory services like Justdial to help them sell B2B items, receive a free listing, and expand their businesses online because buyers frequently look for vendors in well-known business directories. As these services offer mobile apps and draw significant traffic, it helps small businesses sell directly to clients. While registering your business with Justdial is also free.


“Whatever your local need…start here, get it done” is the major tagline of this lead generation website.

Sulekha seeks to address the concerns of your potential customers by merging free listings, classifieds, discounts, reviews, and ratings. Simply establish an account and post your ad if you are a local business.

After then, you can choose between a paid and a free listing to edit your profile. Follow the posting guidelines when publishing a paid or premium advertisement for your company. The better your plan, the better leads you can find and obtain with sulekha lead extractor.


One of the biggest online B2B markets for SMBs, SMEs, and businesses is IndiaMart. By giving you the customer’s contact information, it enables you to communicate with them directly.

As a result, there is greater customer and company engagement. Indiamart assists you in locating merchants in various cities while serving businesses of all sizes.

Indiamart notifies the appropriate dealers of the buyer’s requirements whenever they are posted.

You may nurture leads at the appropriate moment by using an IndiaMart lead extractor solution like Teleduce.


As it brings together traders, buyers, and manufacturers under one roof, Tradeindia serves as a mediator.

Through online directories, trade shows, and events, this B2B marketplace provides business solutions. Sellers are able to join for free and update their company and product information.

Customers use this website to look for products, publish requirements, and get in touch with providers.


Similar-themed or specialty advertisements are supported by third-party websites. Your chances of having visitors learn about your website or goods rise the more places your advertisement is displayed. Increased website traffic increases sales on your site, making your advertising investment wise.

Due to the intense rivalry in internet-based enterprises, advertising is a must to stand out from the crowd. A wonderful place to start is Yahoo. Many people have used their services and benefited from doing so. It is a marketing plan that will increase the number of people that visit your website and your sales, which will lead to a profit.

While there are certain approaches that are essentially free or low cost, using a marketing service like what Yahoo offers will produce results more quickly and on a wider scale. Don’t be numbered among them; many firms have discovered this the hard way.


One of the most successful advertising channels is Ask Laila. The fact that it is a well-known Website and reaches a large audience is the main benefit of advertising there. 15 million people can access this application. Advertising on Ask Laila helps you build brand recognition in India. You can reach your desired audience and enhance website traffic by using Asklaila advertising. Your sales will be boosted by it.


Around 149 million unique users use Bing each month, conducting 5.2 billion searches. It’s time to optimize your website specifically for Bing if you want to take advantage of Bing.  When your website is optimized for Bing, it will automatically enhance traffic to your website because it functions similarly to Google (optimizing URLs and domain names for keywords and having a big number of high-quality, do follow backlinks” are vital for both).


India’s top online news, information, communication, entertainment, and shopping source is Rediff.

because social news aggregation is its main area of interest. Reddit’s primary operation is that users submit information, and then other users upvote or downvote that content. This is true even if the communities that have sprung up on the site frequently use it as a sort of online forum. The most popular threads are displayed first. Redditors subscribe to the communities of their choice, unlike Twitter users who follow specific accounts to customize the content that shows in their feed. If you have a profile, your front page is customized to reflect the communities and interests you have. From there, users comment, discuss, debate, and respond to each other’s queries.

It ought to be thrilling for social media marketers that enjoy the thought of interacting with potential clients and disseminating unique material with great value. You may increase the number of leads for your business by highlighting the strengths of your products and services.

Ask was similar to Google and Bing. However, over time, it changed its focus from being an all-purpose search engine that attempted to directly compete with Google and Bing to becoming a platform for Q&A searches. Although much more judiciously, Ask will still employ its web crawling capabilities. The crawling will be considerably more concentrated around websites that offer answers to questions users search for at the service rather than trying to find everything from across the web. Through both crawling and importing news feeds, Ask will continue to maintain its own news search service.

Therefore, by utilizing its capabilities, we may also conduct Q&A sessions for our goods and services. By employing this technique, we can draw certain people to us and turn them into leads.

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