Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and social media platform, which can take a business advantage. It has the ability to direct more traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, engage your audience, build personal relationships with your followers and customers, boost conversions and help you increase sales.

Here the following tips for Twitter Marketing:

1. Use keyword targeting in your Twitter Ads:

Keyword targeting on Twitter is a component of Twitter ads. Keyword targeting is that you have allows your Twitter users to engage through various words and phrases included in your content and they are found on platforms. This means considering reaching your target audience at the exact time your business, content, and services are most relevant to them.

On Twitter, there are two types of keyword targeting you can use including search and timeline.

  1. Search Keyword Targeting: Search Keyword targeting was allowing you to show users their tweets that are looking for topics related to your business that you set.
  2. Timeline Keyword Targeting: Timeline keyword targeting allows you to act on users’ specific feelings, thoughts, actions, and feelings they have tweeted about.

2. Implement hashtags:

Adding hashtags to your tweets is a great way to expand your influence on Twitter. When using a hashtag to ensure that you can reach the largest number of people.

  • Create a hashtag that is unique to your business so that your followers and find the target audience easily to you and your content.
  • Create relevant to other groups of tweets and memorable Shortcuts like you are running on a specific campaign.
  • Do not use hashtags too much – it can make your viewers feel spam and be seen.

3. Organize a content sharing schedule:

When you increase the base of your followers, you’ll need to post regularly to ensure that they stay connected to your business and content.

  • Between 8-10 am and 6-9 pm on weekdays.
  • Around noon or between 5–6 PM on any day of the week.
  • For B2C companies, weekends are the best days to tweet.
  • For B2B companies, the best days to tweet are weekdays.

Here are some examples of popular social media scheduling tool that you can use for your Twitter marketing strategy:

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Twitter Analytics
  3. HubSpot

4. Create a Twitter campaign:

Is a great way to enhance any type of social media marketing campaign to reach your audience, sales and increase traffic to your website.

To create a Twitter Campaign, you will follow some steps:

  1. Research your competition.
  2. Determine how you will appeal to your target audience.
  3. Choose the type of content you create.
  4. Share and promote your content
  5. Analyze your results

5. Write a strong profile bio:

It is important to write a strong and memorable bio for your Twitter profile. This is because your Twitter bio is the first thing a profile visitor will read about your company. It should be brief about what to expect from your page and content.

6. Use images and videos:

When possible, try to include quality videos and photos in your tweet. It has been proved that the tweet with images is made strictly out of text from the outperform tweet.

  • Photos and images because they provide an eye-catching and attractive element in your content Twitter user scrolls through their feed.
  • The videos actually prove to be for outperform tweets with images as well.

Video and images is a great way of making your content with your visitors to use the item being sold by displaying your product line or more personal.

7. Interact with your followers:

Remember to connect with his followers as well as grow their business and it is important to increase the number of Twitter followers. It allows you to help make the experience for the members of his followers and viewers who felt personally and keep them coming back to your profile to promote a sense of loyalty to the brand.

8. Share media mentions:

If your business is mentioned in the media, please share text, video, URL or image on Twitter. It will show to potential followers as well as to check out your profile, including your business how many other people are taking already know about your company and enjoy your products and services.

It also provides you with a way to include backlinks in your tweets, which, when clicked, leads members of your audience to the original source of the mention.

9. Promote your events:

Twitter is a great way to promote your business events. The way you can have a Twitter campaign, so you can schedule tweets variety to create a unique hashtag for various events or promote a special event hosted by your company.

10. Check your direct messages regularly:

Like other social media platforms, Twitter users can also provide a direct message inbox, where they contacted a private message regarding any questions, concerns, or comments. So, make sure to check out your inbox regularly because it provides can contribute to the kind of customer service and is known to support your business, as well as to how to take care of his followers and customers.

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