Top Languages, Tools and Framework in 2022 to become stack Quality Analyst

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Who is Quality Analyst

The quality analyst is the finder if the developer is the fixer. In software development, the capacity to recognize and convey application defects plays a key role.

The quality analyst (QA) looks for process flaws as well as application difficulties that may have resulted in such problems. Additionally, the QA collaborates with a development team to resolve those problems, making sure a program is debugged before going live.

Some quality analysts interact directly with the program under test to identify issues, ascertain their causes, and devise solutions. Other quality analysts develop programs intended to run tests on the software rather than working on the product itself. The quality analyst uses data in both cases to create problem and solution reports that can be shared with the development team.

Top Languages to become stack Quality Analyst


The most popular programming language for test automation is Java.

Java has just as much backend potential as it has front-end when you’re thinking about coding languages. It helps with the development of various Android applications. It is particularly useful when creating cross-platform applications. Android apps, server apps, web apps, embedded space apps, big data technology apps, scientific apps, websites, and games are all frequently created in Java.

It is very legible and understandable object-oriented programming. It doesn’t need a particular hardware infrastructure, and the security it provides is excellent. You can’t beat the stability you receive with automated memory management. It is an advanced programming language with unrivalled capabilities.

The Android Operating System, Blu-Ray Disc Association, Ultra Mixer, and NASA WorldWind are the most well-liked programs.


It should come as no surprise that Javascript is the second most frequently used and fastest growing language for test automation given its enormous popularity among developers. Many teams decide to employ Javascript for their test automation projects because it is used by 72% of professional engineers. This may be because testers want to “speak the same language” as their developers or because shift-left approaches have been adopted, where developers are also in charge of producing test code. Some people believe that this coordination facilitates test automation collaborative efforts.


Both software developers and testers use Python, a high-level programming language that places a strong emphasis on readable code. Additionally, it supports a variety of programming paradigms, including functional, object-oriented, and structured programming.

Python’s simple syntax promotes readability, which lowers the cost of software maintenance. Additionally, it supports the modules and packages that promote program modularity and code reuse.


People write their automated tests using C#, a contemporary, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. With C#, programmers may create a wide variety of.NET-compatible secure and reliable apps. Programmers who are already proficient in C, C++, Java, and JavaScript will find C# to be very familiar.

Top Tools to become stack Quality Analyst

Test Management Tools

  • Mantis Bug Tracker – Team members can communicate and collaborate using this open-source test management application. This tool features email notifications for bugs, updates, and comments in addition to custom fields for test cases, allowing the user to manage different users’ access permissions.
  • TestCollab or IBM Rational Quality Manager – This proprietary tool assists in managing and organizing test cases and generates comprehensive reports on the progress of test execution. Additionally, this program connects with a number of other bug management systems.

Functional Testing Tools

  • Selenium – This includes two ways to test functionality.

Selenium WebDriver – This makes it possible for regression automation testing to generate functional tests. Similar to any other piece of software, these scripts can be used in a variety of situations. These scripts are also compatible with a variety of browsers.

Selenium IDE –Exploratory testing is aided by QA, which can record a series of actions to perform on a browser repeatedly.

  • Cucumber – Using this tool, behavior-driven development and automated testing are both possible. Functional tests can be automated using scripts written in languages such as Ruby, Java,.NET, PHP, and others. They are written in plain text. 40 spoken languages can be used to translate Cucumber plain text behaviour, bridging the gap between the development, QA, and customer teams.

API Testing Tools

  • Postman – This is a simple API testing tool that may be used by QA teams seeking for quick solutions as well as API developers, API integrators, and API developers.
  • Apiary – Apiary directs the construction and testing of APIs through the use of a markdown language. This tool also contains code samples, validations, and testing scripts for the APIs.

Unit Testing Tools

  • JUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit – These are the unit testing dialects for PHP,.Net, and Java.
  • SonarQube, Code Coverage – These tools guarantee code quality management, which has an impact on the product’s quality and flaws discovered throughout the QA cycle. These tools examine duplicated code, the written code’s coverage of unit tests, the code’s compliance with coding standards, and more.

Multi-Browser Testing Tools

  • Sauce Labs – Along with Selenium, this service executes automated scripts on a variety of browsers, including desktop and mobile browsers. The service takes screenshots and generates reports that aid in finding issues unique to particular browsers.
  • Browser Stack – This service provides cross-browser testing across desktop and mobile browsers, much like Sauce Labs does.

Multi-Device Testing Tools

  • Device Emulators – Although not the best option for every testing, emulators are cost-free and widely accessible. It is simpler to test apps thanks to the emulators offered by Google or Apple, which can replicate a variety of devices and resolutions.
  • Amazon Device Farm – With the help of this service, users can publish apps for Android or Fire OS and test them on actual hardware to obtain testing results. Although this service bases its billing on the number of hours you spend testing on actual hardware, it also offers a free trial period of 250 device minutes. An option to testing Android apps could be this.
  • DeviceAnywhere – You can test on actual Android and iOS devices with this service. There are free and paid versions of this. The free version, which has a few features, serves as a starting point for testing.

Performance Testing Tools

  • Soasta Cloud Test – In order to test fast and constantly at any scale, this uses virtual users across several regions. The test offers in-the-moment information on how well your app is working. Additionally, QA is now able to plan and carry out load tests from a single environment. A free version of this service tests 100 virtual users, and a premium on-demand version tests any number of virtual users.
  • Load Runner – This tool checks the functionality of both browser-based and native mobile applications. In addition to executing tests in the cloud, it also performs tests from various places. Your development environment has been connected with this service.

Top frameworks to become stack Quality Analyst

Linear Automation Test Framework

A record and playback framework, or linear scripting framework, is appropriate for testing at the entry level.

Test scripts are written by the QA team, who then runs them independently. With this kind of framework, there is no need to develop bespoke code, making the process of creating test scripts straightforward.

Because test scripts must be executed one at a time, parallel testing is not possible. Testers don’t need to be experts, though.

They only need to select a functionality, create a script, and do the test.

Modular Testing Framework

In this framework, test cases are divided into smaller modules, and each module is tested separately before the entire application is tested. Every test is independent thanks to it.

A script can be stored there once a tester has finished performing a function.

Library Architecture Testing Framework

Within each test script, the library architecture testing framework locates activities with related characteristics. It enables test engineers to categorise related activities according to functionality.

It is then simple to reuse code across several test scripts because the library stores all the grouped routines.

Keyword-Driven Testing Framework

With the help of this framework, test data is stored externally and test script logic is separated.

The test scripts with the keyword-driven framework include the keywords related to testing the user interface. Each keyword has an action or an object attached to it.

Data-Driven Testing Framework

Data is separated from test scripts and stored externally by the data-driven architecture. To test diverse test data sets, it is important to design reusable test scripts.

The data-driven testing framework allows testers to change test data to change test scenarios, ensuring code reuse.

Behavior-Driven Development Framework

With the help of this framework, you may construct a platform that encourages active participation from all stakeholders, including the development team, the QA team, and business analysts.

It encourages a development environment driven by testing and improves communication between developers and testers.

Hybrid Testing Framework

A hybrid framework minimises flaws while focusing on the advantages of several testing frameworks.

The hybrid testing framework is substantially more effective for cross-browser testing as a result of this strategy.

In addition to its obvious benefits, this approach for behavior-driven development.

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