How to Use Twitter For Business?

Twitter is a wonderful platform on its own, but if you want to optimize your Twitter for Business, so you need to do more.

There are small steps you will to ensure that you can reach your target audience.

1. Customize and brand your profile:

When someone looks at your company’s Twitter profile, you want them to automatically know about you. You should customize and brand your Twitter profile with your logo, colors, and any other identifiable and memorable details you want to include.

There are a few locations in which you can customize your profile.

  • Handle: Your Twitter handle is your username, this should include your company name so that your followers, customers, and fans can easily find and search for you on the platform.
  • Header: The header is your background image on your Twitter profile. You can choose to create a unique image for your header, you can use your logo or any other branded image.
  • Profile picture: Your Twitter profile picture represents your company’s every move, conversation, post, and tweet on the platform.
  • Bio: A Twitter bio provides everyone who visits your profile with a brief summary of what they look like in 160 characters or less. It might include your mission statement, a blurb about what your company does, or something humorous and engaging.
  • Website URL: Below your profile picture and bio, there is a place where you can include your URL in direct traffic to your website.
  • Birthday: In the same place as your URL, you can include your company’s birthday – or the day the company was founded – so your audience will know about your business on your personal level.

2. Create Twitter Lists:

A Twitter list – which is the ability to create and view any user – you have an organized group of Twitter accounts you choose and have been put together in specific categories. When you open a Twitter list, you only see tweets posted by the accounts in the list.

If you want to follow only specific accounts, Twitter Lists are great. You can divide your lists into groups such as business motivation, competitors and target audience so that you can easily review their posts, interactions and content.

3. Host a Twitter Chat:

You can engage your followers, discuss the topic, create a sense of community, and ask your audience about their opinion or input on which you are working.

To host Twitter chat, you’ll need to create a hashtag to choose a topic, to set the date and time to chat. Are you in your tweet this information on your website, you can share it with your followers.

Twitter Chat promotes participation and engagement on your profile and people talking about your brand.

4. Advertise on Twitter:

Advertising through Twitter is a great way to reach your audience. It can be searched easily by thousands of people to your tweets, which will help you increase your influence. You can do it through Promoted Tweets or Twitter ads.

Promoted Tweets: Promoted Tweets are displayed in the Twitter stream or Twitter search results for specific users to your tweet. This is a great option for anyone to get more people to a specific webpage.

Twitter Ads: If you are using tweet variety to get a goal for your business, Twitter advertising is a great option. It is ideal if you want to increase the base and brand awareness of their followers through the platform.

Twitter will put your promoted tweet into a daily campaign, targeting the type of audience previously mentioned in your setting. All Twitter users have the ability to interact and engage with Twitter advertisements in the same way with your organic content.

Your business can decide between different objectives when your Twitter ads include app installs, video views and website conversions, as well as the target audience for your campaigns.

5. Drive traffic to your website:

Twitter can help direct traffic to your website – there are many ways to add a link to your web page and blog in your tweets as well as to include the URL of your website on your profile. Here are some ways you can help increase your conversions and sales by using traffic directly to their website.

  • Add your website URL at the bottom of your bio on your Twitter profile.
  • Include links to your website in your tweets.
  • Upload any content that includes direct links to your website and blogs that others have shared.
  • Embed the tweet on your website with the Twitter timeline.
  • Set up a Twitter ad to direct users to a specific landing page on your site.

6. Use Twitter Moments:

Twitter moment is a collection of tweets about a particular topic or event. You can also create a segment of your own moments for your followers to see on your profile. You can organize your Twitter moments in groups tweets to help market their business events and campaigns or related industry news.

They help your company with your marketing strategy by providing an engaging way to promote the discussion of specific topics or events to your business that share your brand image with audience members for your company is important.

7. Get verified on Twitter:

You can choose to apply to verify your Twitter profile based on the size of your company and your industry. If Twitter accepts your application and verified your profile, blue checkmark badge inside that will appear next to your handlebars.

A verified account also makes your business more legitimate and reliable.

8. Focus on building your follower count:

The more Twitter followers you have, the more people are watching and interacting with your content. When you build up the number of your followers on Twitter, you’ll have a better chance to improve brand awareness and directs more traffic to your website.

There are a number of ways you can increase your follower on Twitter:

  • Ensure your content is shareable.
  • Use unique hashtags.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Enlist the help of Twitter influencers.
  • Include links to your Twitter profile on your website.
  • Interact with your current followers and retweet their content so they’re more likely to do the same for you.