A guide on Keyword research process

What is Keyword Research? - Learn How to Choose the Right Keywords
Keyword research

“Keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP)”.

In simple words,

Keyword research is the process of searching words and phrases that is searched mostly by your target audience in search engine. It leads to create a better strategy to use those keywords into you content, so you can make a better content as per Google algorithms as well as your target audience. It will help you to get into first page of Google search engine result page.

Keyword Types

  • Keyword with a short tail – Short-tail keywords are made up of three words or fewer. They’re also referred to as the head keyword.

Short-tail keywords have a lot of searches, but they’re also quite competitive.

Short-tail keywords are used by audiences when they are just starting their search for information.

As a result, determining the obvious search intent for short-tail keywords is extremely challenging. They can be found all over the area.

  • Keywords with a long tail – Long-tail keywords are those that have more than three words in them. They’re also more particular than short-tail keywords.

The most crucial thing to remember about long-tail keywords is that the search intent may be easily determined.

  • Keyword for geo-targeting – A geo-targeting keyword can be used to target a certain neighbourhood, city, state, or even country.

This is particularly important for small local businesses who wish to attract the most relevant customers, namely, local customers, to their storefront. What is the best way to get my geo-targeting keywords?

Actually, this is the simplest term on the list to obtain. Your geo-targeting keywords are simply the area that your company serves.

Although you may already have your address displayed in the sidebar, including it in the content itself can make a significant difference.

Local businesses who want to grow need to use geo-targeting keywords.

  • Focus keyword – The topic of your blog post or page is accurately described by a focus keyword or phrase. It’s the main keyword or phrase you want Google to find the page for.

If your post is lengthy, you may have multiple target keywords, but your main keyword will appear in the title, URL, meta description, and text.

Importance of Keyword research

Keyword research is crucial since it allows you to better understand your clients’ purchasing journeys, your competitive environment, and how to create your content strategy.

SEO keyword research can help you design content judgments that are backed up by data and statistics as a website or marketing manager. The importance of keyword research in SEO cannot be overstated.

SEO is a method for creating new content, optimising old material, and running effective paid search advertising based on research.

You may not be able to draw potential clients to your website or face greater bounce rates if you choose the wrong keywords or don’t optimise for the right keywords.

You’ll gain online traffic and leads if you do your keyword research and SEO correctly.

How to do Keyword research

-Make a list of significant and relevant subjects based on your knowledge of your industry.

  • Fill in the blanks with keywords for each of the topic buckets.
  • Understand the impact of intent on keyword research and analyze the results accordingly.
  • Perform a search for relevant terms.
  • Take advantage of keyword research tools.
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