What is the importance of an SSL certificate in SEO?

As business and online transactions transferred over the Internet are of many other traditional payment methods, various attacks are carried out to steal confidential information.

According to research, the Internet is almost 68% of people who used to believe that existing laws are not enough to protect their rights. Therefore, Google has taken steps to an advanced secure connection (HTTPS) to protect the privacy and security of our customers by applying for the users.

HTTPS is announced as a ranking factor that has been the increasing SEO Importance of SSL certificates. In this piece of content, you will learn about SSL certificates, the importance of SSL certificates in SEO, and the advantages of installing SSL certificates.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol developed by Netscape in 1996 that becomes the method of choice for achieving data transmission across the Internet. SSL is an integral part of most web browsers and web servers and uses public and private key encryption systems developed by RSA. To make an SSL connection, the SSL protocol requires that a digital certificate must be installed in a server.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or digital certificate is a file containing a cryptographic key to the organization’s details and activates a padlock. It uses a special process that scrambles the data in an undecipherable format that is read-only with the exact decryption key and is used to set up a secure connection to the webserver from any Internet browser.

In other words, an SSL certificate is used to establish the reliability of an electronic password that you use the online unit when they are doing business on the Internet. This includes the name, serial number, and expiration date of the certificate holder, the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority, and a copy of the public key of the certificate holder.

How to set up SSL Certificate?

SSL is important for SEO? Will safety information on my credit card? Can someone steal my personal information? Can someone track my transactions? The SSL certificate is the answer to all these questions. The following are simple steps to set up SSL on your website:

  • Get an SSL certificate
  • Activate the certificate using CSR
  • Now, install your certificate
  • Configure on your webserver
  • Update your website to use HTTPS

How Important is SSL for SEO?

1. SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information:

SSL is important for SEO? Will safety information on my credit card? Can someone steal my personal information? Can someone track my transactions? The SSL certificate is the answer to all these questions. The following are simple steps to set up SSL on your website:

2. SSL Helps to Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements:

All websites that accept online credit card payments are required to meet PCI / DSS requirements, including PCI compliant hosting and SSL certificates otherwise you will be banned from accepting online payments or paying a monthly penalty.

3. Compulsory From 2018:

Google has decided to flag websites without having SSL certificate by the end of 2017, so anyone fails to comply will be punished from all popular web browsers used in the worldwide like Google Chrome and Firefox with a warning message of “Not Secure” in the URL bar. Moreover, it is also possible to block the websites having no SSL certificate to load on the browser in the near future. So, the SEO importance of SSL certificates can never be ignored.

4. SSL Provides Trust:

The importance of SSL certificate for a website is not only about encryption and authentication, but it is also important for customer trust. Every user can identify whether the data he is about to send is secure or not. If you know the importance of SSL and establish a certificate then visitors to your website will understand that you are a legitimate entity and would prefer to do business with you.

HTTPS also protects against phishing attacks and protects you from criminals as they do not fully implement your website. If your connection is secure, the user will see a lock icon with the message “Connection is secure” as you can see in the image below:

5. Enhance Search Engine Rankings:

In 2014, Google changed the algorithm in favor of HTTPS-enabled websites. Studies by Brian Dean also indicate a strong correlation between HTTPS (SSL enabled websites) and higher search engine rankings. Google’s first page business means more business and profits online, so to improve your website SEO and must install new SSL certificate.

6. SSL Provides Authentication:

According to the nature of the Internet, your customers are sending data from multiple computers located in different locations, which can pretend to be your website and ask your users to send their personal information to them. The SSL certificate is issued to a verified company only after a verification process. Therefore, this is only possible by installing an SSL certificate from a well reputed and reliable SSL provider.

The SEO importance of SSL certificates can never be ignored as it is mandatory to make internet transactions secure with the help of encryption process. These certificates are digital passports that provide authentication to protect both the privacy and integrity of website communication with an Internet browser.

7. Improve the Speed of Websites:

SSL will always have an edge over websites without SSL encryption as it is also a factor of SEO ranking. It is understood that websites with HTTPS rank higher in search engines. When your visitors see a secure connection with your website you will definitely get more customers and get higher rank in Google search engine as they understand that communication with your web server is more secure. Also, with security, the speed of HTTPS-enabled website is higher than ordinary HTTP because you can test using this website.


Basic web security measures play an important role in the success and reputation of any website or online business. The fact is, you can never ignore the SEO importance of SSL certifications as these are essential for any reputable business brand. It is also important to realize a comprehensive guide to HTTPS and SSL certificates before making a final decision.

You can ensure that valuable SSL Certificate on your site. It shows visitors that your site is verified and it is protected from hackers. It also improves your SEO ranking.

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