What is Digital Marketing

It’s Is a Direct Chain Between Costumer And Provider Through Social Platforms and Online Platforms Like Social Media, Direct Messages, Mails, Calls, Etc. It also includes brand promotions directly to the customer to get customer potential directly as much possible digital marketing deals in spreading a company product which they want to promote in the market is very less time through digital mediums directly to a costumer who is interested in the same which help in saving time and money for both customer and brand because the company can provide their product directly to the customer instead of going for promotion by any other medium. A team of people works for the organization/people who are in need for promoting his/her product in the market in very less time and promotion get easy and efficient like same they do search on behalf of the customer what they need in very less time. Also, we can connect through any part of the world for business without traveling we can get any information regarding the work product courses or anything which make very efficient for provider and buyer to deal. it does not have any limitations in that it has a large variety for both.

Digital marketing is a way to ease the work of both customer and provider by connecting them through Digital marketing specialists. Basically, A person is there on behalf of both costumer and organizations To Find out queries from each and sort them out. Marketing Includes Different kinds of activities Such as brand promotion; search engine optimization; mail marketing; social media marketing; Affiliate marketing; pay per click; And many more.

  • Types of Digital marketing?

There are different kinds of Digital marketing But mainly there are 7 kinds of it such as

content writing: – It includes direct dealing of customer needs by reading their activities on online platforms to provide the most relevant answer; products; courses; and whatever they need. Basically, the company provide the information of the product in form of content which makes it easy for customer to fetch the details by reading the content and description of the product which led to an increase of interest of customers towards the products which automatically led to a high level of marketing and sales And values of the companies……………………and many more profits

search engine marketing:-It’s based on the optimization of websites that get rank from Google which is very necessary to get traffic and costumer on your website commonly known as S.E.O:-Search engine optimization  

  • display marketing:-
  • mobile marketing:-
  • social media marketing:-
  • influencer marketing:-
  • affiliate marketing:-

Advantage of Digital marketing

  1. Cost efficient for smalls start-ups and business help in promoting for their own at very low cost which is very efficient in comparison to old methods
  2. It helps in letting you know about how many people are interested in your product in real time which is impossible in tradition promotion
  3. It does target only those audience who are  really interested in your product which help to save time from chancers
  4. You can promote on social media directly which will help to get large number on traffic an costumer because of large number of user on them
  5. With best optimisation on internet   people will reach you very comfortably will make you good amount of profit


It is the best way to promote your business online with a large number of the interested customer which helps in making a profit in very less time and efficient way also it is much more cheaper compared to traditional methods which all together lead to profit  

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