How to onboard a quality content writer?

Step 1 – Onboarding with Access to the websites

  • Create a dedicated email for content writers
  • Give access to our websites where content writers write content. Following are the websites which are good for guest content writing.
    • –
    • –
    • –
    • –
  • Provide suggestions and guidelines

Step 2 – Provide a content writer WordPress author training

Step 3 – Learning  & Training

These topics can be helpful for content writers so they can understand a work better. let’s start sharing these learning using

  • Define a checklist for quality content which is loved by google
  • How to write quality content? Write in 20 steps.
  • How to check grammar mistakes on the content online?
  • What is Plagiarism Check for the content and how to avoid Plagiarism issues?
  • How to avoid copyright in content writing?

Step 4 – Exams & Tests

Give a content writer some content work to  write a blog or article and do proper audit and provide proper suggestions.

Step 5 – Assigning a work and track it

Give some real work and practice and learn from it

Step 6 – Useful reference to read

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