How to make money trough writing quality content

Many ways to make money just like :- writing

Writing be like seasoned and green. some peoples wants to earn money & fames and some of them writes books,poems,novels,rhymes etc for their own satisfactions & they expressed their own feelings through writings.

some prople faces many problems for many reasons are :-

  • sometimes, The author and The writer have no idea what to right? in this novel.
  • sometimes the author distract with other gadgets, and other works.
  1. As a successfull content writer, you need to work on the followings are:-
  • Writing skills
  • Competitors research
  • Ability to do keyboard research
  • search engine optimization (SEO).

2. If you’re content writer you can make 7 to 8 figure business with content writing and earn money. In comparision of other jobs. This take much time and efforts too.

  • constantly upskillings
  • Raising your rates
  • Pitching to Brands and entrepreneurs
  • Marketing yourself
  • building a solid personal brand
  • Networking and building relationship will make a fortune as a content need to have a patience, put in efforts and enjoy the process.

3. As a writer of tv series you can earn money

  • Also from writing movies.
  • Money,big and small can be earned by writing content for web series.
  • You can review films or write content for the print media.
  • You can be writing content online for popular blogs .If they are willing to hire you.
  • Content for books,fictions and non-fictions both, can be earning propositions, if you book does well.
  • As a copywriters in an advertising agency.

4. These point also to earn money through content writings are as follows:-

  • Learn the skills and get the job
  • Learn the skills and start freelancing
  • Learn the skills and start bolgging or get a job and freelance your services as a side hustle.

By skills

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