Best WordPress Blogging techniques and Tricks for promoting Blogs for more traffic

On Page Blogging techniques

Step 1 – Make sure you have the right Naming convention of WordPress category

Step 2 – Make sure your posts are always chosen with a related category. It could be multiple related categories as well

Step 3 – Apply a right Tag keyword to each post. Tag keywords must be a combination of words that people usually search for.

Off Page optimization using Quora

Step 1 – Lock down a “search keyword” which you want to target in the search engine for your post in wordpress

Step 2 – Search the same keyword in Quora and list out all links of the questions and answer on quora. eg “best pubs in bangalore”

Step 3 – Answer daily one post on quora with a minimal content from your wordpress post and also mention a source of your blog in the answer of quora.

Step 4 – Answer must be non-promotional in nature but you can mention source of info which is your blog post.

Step 5 – Use a quora account which is a regular user account.

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