How do you write quality content for your website?

Welcome to my folks, friends today, we are going to talk on content optimization in SEO. This process is about how to do content optimization in your website then from that you are able to get more good benefits and results in SEO. So, many more points and through examples, we inform to you in this article. For content optimization, you have to care about which more talks and which things have to do-follow. So, you also make your website content-rich or that content optimization of in your SEO be benefit, your ranking increases, come more traffic, those bounce ratio of your be less. From those you ultimately get benefits and your business be grow. So, friends, you will read it till the end.

Blogger and SEOs, writing is a skill for both of them. Those are common, important and then also ignored them. Bloggers also then focus on their writing and put efforts to correct that but SEOs less focus on their writing. When from this their career seeks to harm. In today’s article, we shall see that you keep in remember of SEO guidelines on how can you write well. You either focus on on-page SEO, technical SEO or only why not be focusing on link building. You should come writing, knowing good writing is necessary. If you will know to write well then you will introduce good content.

In today’s article, for SEO, we are talking about writing practices. Now, from the all-important point is that whatever you will know in this article how much benefits you will get, it depends on this talk how much you doing practice. Naturally, some people have good writers like poets, story writers, and novelists. These all people can write their own talks in a mostly good way or in a correct word because they naturally become talented. The rest of us as simple kind people, if they want to write well. So, for that, them have to do labor and doing practice. Through today’s tips, you will know in which direction and how much you have to do labor or the rest of all success percentage depends on you. My point is that on-page SEO and content writing, are two different things. Content writing is most important but only writing well, it doesn’t happen on-page SEO. So, we divide points into two parts for writing well.

1. Basic practices

2. Long term practices

First of all, we talk about basic practices.

  • Write short sentences: Write in a short sentence, you either write in Hindi, English, or any other language. You either write a blog, content for the website or for any reason. Whether you want that search engine ranks it, understand that or suggest to a normal audience. So, write your talks in short and easy sentences, short paragraphs. Short and easy sentences have more good chances of ranking. Basically, it is two reasons that one is search engine can’t understand human language that well. another is your audience has different levels of understanding. That talk seems common sense, they may happen tough for you readers and audience. Search engines want to cater to every kind of audience. Therefore, when you understand in the simple language then your content chance increases to reach till the more people and more people read it taking an interest. On any topic reading and writing become easy but understanding in easy-to-easy language becomes difficult.
  • Don’t read competition content: I know enough people will suggest that you should must-read of your competitor’s content. And how many keywords in that should use more keywords from that. How much h1, h2, or h72 headlines from that should use more but it is a waste in my opinion. When you read of your competitors content so, this talk chance always increases that you will write of his style, it’s natural but you will write as usual of your competitor. So, why google will rank like copied content, whose original version is already they have.  Let’s do analyze your competitor’s content on time, for their keywords, which type of sites, they’re doing internally or externally link but don’t read it.
  • Correctly use headline tags: Headlines tags, it means h1, h2, h3, h4…use all of them correctly. Now, here on this point, so many people have two confusion that one fact is h1, h2. h3, these don’t become ranking factors and number two fact is h1, h2, h3 tags then also you should concentrate on it and rightly use it. Now, you will be thinking that when it is not a ranking factor so, why we should concentrate on it. Look! h1, h2, h3, these are Html attributes, or the presence of these technically and not. Don’t get any difference on page rank. When you use h1, h2, h3, tags. So, you basically do the format of your content. You do start from the heading of the page important part. Your content gets a shape and readers of getting easier to understand and read. Give break option of heading users. Any of one thousand articles may be boring to read in one time but if in that two headings, the user after ending one heading, takes a little break before starting the second. So, his getting rest and this kind of formatting of your content make an easy in understanding and readable for the user. Increase their experiences whose google gives preferences and do better ranking. Technically, Google doesn’t give any importance to h1, h2 & h3 but doing use of h1, h2, & h3, when you format your content from a good way. Make content easier in understanding and readable for users. They google feels good and your content doing well rank. So, h1, h2, h3, and the rest of all these heading tags don’t use as usual without thinking and understanding, use for the formatting of your article and content.
  • Decorate a text: Decorate your text. Don’t ignore bold, italics, and bullet points. Like heading tags, have done bold and italics text of part. They attract a way of a special part of user and text, helps them in reading and remembering of all that special points. So, use it correctly. One normal approach is that keywords have done bold, that is the correct approach but so many enough people do many times bold that how many times keywords have repeated in page. Like google has become a cataract, one should not put in your content keyword again & again, unnaturally, or inorganic way. If you have done like. So, do bold that don’t need to call google for punishment. Bullet points also give strength to your content. Through bullet points, you do present important facts. Those users can remember it. And due to this reason, correctly using bold, italics & bullet points of content, does rank well.
  • Best use of keywords: Like keyword density thing, is a myth but the keyword is an important factor many more. Problem is that more people don’t use keywords where they have to get more impact. In your content, five such types of locations where keywords should be used. One is meta title, the second is a meta description, the third is H1 tag, four is at least one internal link in anchor text & five is at least one of an external link in anchor text. And on these five places, keywords should be used naturally, shouldn’t be forcibly, and shouldn’t seem too overfilled. Doesn’t need to repeat always as it is keywords. Google can’t understand the language very wisely but can find out the meaning of the combination of words, understand synonyms. So, if your keyword is kid beds then you can use children beds, or beds for kids, nothing problem will happen from that. If you aren’t sure those synonyms or alternate words, you’re using. That google can understand correctly or not. So, that term on google normally looks like doing a search. You will get to know by search or shopping search results that those words you’re using, google can understand rightly or not.

Now, let’s talk about long-term practices.

  • Do daily practice: In the beginning, I was said that writing takes practice. You will not start writing well in one day or one month. Daily or from continuous writing, your speed increases. Those five-point, I have discussed above them don’t need to have remembered. They seem to come automatically by doing your practice. And naturally that way, you start to write doing optimize.
  • Think like a reader: while writing for a blog and website, always think from a reader’s perspective. People don’t come to read novels on search engines. More, they come to take questions, whose answer should get to them. Your content of that question does explain and understand that answer from the best way.
  • Don’t write so long: Don’t write long more than need. One worst thing is dispersed about the content writing. It is that eighteen hundred, nineteen hundred or three thousands of content, you will write so, the ranking will good. It isn’t happening paragraph writing, in waste you’re blowing wind, & you’re filling copy over a copy. By nature, everyone wants to read less to less. If everybody wants to feel good much reading or writing. So, everybody becomes topper and scientist but it’s a simple human nature that in less to less labor, they want more & more results. So, in how much fewer words, you can put your talks that much will rank and google will rank much better. Not to write content for keeping small and not to write content for forcibly large. Present your content only with the necessary keywords.
  • Check spelling or grammar: Have to care for spelling or grammar, like be any language. Mistakes of spelling and grammar, the normal user may be confused or maybe a search engine. If search engines wouldn’t understand your talks rightly then they will not rank you better. This type of mistake, get reach harm to your image. Always prove read or make sure of spelling and grammar, doesn’t mistake of it. For English don’t believe only on Grammarly. From yourself at once, read from rest and check any spelling & grammar, both not to be a mistake. 

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