Edit, Resize, and Filter any images for Free

The Filerobot Image Editor is the easiest way to integrate an on-the-shelf and easy-to-use image editor in your web application, for free. Integrated with few lines of code, look forward to effortless image transformations! Your users can resize, crop, rotate, and add various filters to any image - all from within their browser!

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Highlights of the Filerobot Image Editor

Crop & resize effortlessly

Cropping and resizing has never been easier. Adjust the framing, size, and focus point of your image for optimal impact on delivery.


Add watermark easily

Want to protect your images? Place a discrete logo, an image, or a simple text line as a watermark. Placement and orientation are up to you.


Annotate seamlessly

Enrich and collaborate directly on your media to keep track of changes and ideas in one place.